Understanding And Tracking 10 Most Crucial Google Analytics Metrics

How do you track your online business? What are the important factors to consider in the online business? How do you evaluate your online performance? The important factor of an online business is its website. Not only for online business but for any business website plays a crucial role. When you hear about the name of an organization, the first thing that comes to mind is to DONE / WIP / Yet To Pickgo through their website. Website is considered as the face of any organization. In order to analyze the website performance Google Analytics helps immensely. This blog will help you to understand about what is google analytics, how you can get google analytics certification, analytics metrics, and google measurement.


The important aspect of Online business marketing is to bring up your website on top search results. SEO helps in bringing the website to top results. Google Analytics (GA) is an important SEO tool any marketer can access for free. GA will open an insight into your business website. It gives an idea about your website performance. It is important to track website performance to know how good your website is performing. Google analytics provides a robust amount of data with numerous reports with better insights. In this blog you will learn more about google analytics and its important metrics.

What is Google Analytics ?

Google analytics is a web analytics tool by google that provides strong statistical data. It comes with both free and paid versions. Small businesses can try out the free version and can go for the paid version for advanced analytics. It collects data from your website and apps and gives better insights of your website performance. GA is a subset of google marketing platform. It integrates with other google sources and provides a digital marketing facility.  It integrates with email, ads etc and provides better insights. GA tools analyze the behavior of the visitor and record them whenever they click on the ads or campaigns.


This blog will help you to understand google analytics certification, g tracking, and google measurement

SEO and Google Analytics

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is an aspect of marketing that focuses on improving a website’s visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). The ultimate objective is to achieve rankings on the first page of Google. A powerful tool that complements SEO efforts is Google Analytics. It provides metrics and tracking capabilities. Understanding how GA operates and utilizing its insights is vital in optimizing your website.

Google Analytics serves as the eyes and ears of your website by collecting a range of data referred to as metrics, about user interactions. These metrics include search traffic, which reveals the number of users who discover your site through search engines like Google. This information is invaluable for evaluating the impact and effectiveness of your SEO strategy.


Google Measurement

Another crucial metric offered by Google Analytics is time spent on each page which indicates how long visitors stay engaged with your content. The longer they stay the more likely it is that your content is engaging and relevant. Factors that positively influence SEO efforts. Additionally Google Analytics tracks site speed. An element for SEO success since loading pages generally tend to rank higher.Mobile friendliness is an aspect that it evaluates considering the increasing significance of devices, in internet usage.

GA looks under the surface-level data to provide a granular view of how users navigate your website. It includes statistics such as bounce rate (the percentage of visitors who depart after viewing only one page) and conversion rate (the proportion of visitors who complete a desired activity, such as completing a purchase or signing up). These insights help you fine-tune your SEO approach, allowing you to optimize your website for user engagement and conversion.


Google Analytics Certification

If you want to learn more about Google Analytics, you can pursue a Google Analytics certification. This certification program teaches you how to utilize Google Analytics efficiently for data analysis, reporting, and making informed marketing decisions. It’s a significant certification for digital marketers and SEO experts who want to master the art of data-driven decision-making.

10 Important Metrics of Google Analytics


Google Analytics considers Audiences or users are the persons who visit your website. It tells how many users interact with your website, their location etc. Users can be of 2 types: new and returning. New users are the ones who are visiting the website for the first time. Returning users are the one who visited your website previously.


Bounce rate is an important analytics metric to consider. It is the percentage of people who left your website from the landing page. They did not move to another page before leaving. If the bounce rate is high it is an indication to work on your website. High bounce rate is also a clue that people do not find what they look for. You should improve on the campaign, keywords and traffic sources.  Bounce rate is calculated in GA as Single page sessions divided by all  sessions. Or Single page visit by total  number of entries.


Traffic source in Google Analytics means the way the audience reaches your website. It represents the sources to reach your website. There are different types of Traffic sources. Organice, direct,paid, campaigns etc. Traffic source is an important metric to check. Knowing the traffic source will help you in understanding the quality of your campaign, website and blogs. 


Sessions are the user’s interaction with your website. Under session the GA records all the activities they do from the entry to exit in your website. Sessions are also the total number of visits to your website. If one user comes and visits your website twice in 24 hours it will be considered as 2 sessions.


It is the time taken by a web page to load. Visitors Might leave if the web pages take way too much to load. Page loading time will tell about the quality of your website.

Learn about google analytics metrics and g tracking


Conversions metrics are generally calculated in percentage. These are the success rates of a particular task. When the visitor or user visits your website and does a particular task you targeted for is called conversion. In google analytics it is certain Events are considered as goals. If the conversion rate is high the rate of goals achieved are also high. 


Landing page is where your audience landed or the page through which the visitor entered your website. It is an indication of your SEO work. If you are promoting a certain page then that will be the top landing page. If those advertising worked properly then the top landing pages are the one that invited most users.


Page views are the number of times a page is viewed in a session. The more you reload the page, the more it is viewed or counted. Further, average time on pages means the average time spent on a single page. If the time they spend is too less then you need to work on your website content. It should be engaging enough to keep the audience on your page. 


Exit page is where your audience or visitor exit from the website. It is good to examine the most exciting pages on your website to improve your conversions. If the visitor exits from the landing page itself then you should work on the content.


Lastly, session duration in google analytics is the average time spent by the user in a given session. Session duration is a proof of good content.  When a user finds content interesting and spends time on your website then it’s proof that your website is interesting.

Google Analytics 4 - A Next Gen GA

The latest update in GA or Google analytics is termed as GA 4 or Google analytics 4. Google set the standard of all analytics and tracking by this google analytics 4. Those who are starting with google analytics will be easy and can benefit with a ton of analysis. World marketing shook and are still in shock about the GA4.  From the small to big business google’s analytics method has been a saver. So new updates and shifts will equally excite and shock. A statement released by google says that it gives “privacy centric analysis to understand user behavior both in web and app – all in one place”. It is a great benefit to the app makers who use GA4.

Drawbacks of Google Analytics

GA is a great tool for website tracking. But it also has its own limitations. Even though it is a great tool to track the audience. It will only track the audiences or users from google search engine. Whereas a visitor comes from other sources like facebook or bing it is difficult to track. Further, it is important to consider those metrics but always consider the fact that it  may not be 100% precise. It is possible to track the details on the website and not the audience after leaving the website. It is also advisable to see and check other analytics tools like semrush, hubspot, adobe, mixpanel etc. Since everything is trial and error there is nothing wrong with trying new and extra tools.

Conclusion - Google Analytics

To conclude, GA is a great tool for any small to large scale business for the analysis. It helps in understanding your content, website and traffic etc. It helps in improving your strategy and campaign planning. In addition, it is important to learn and understand google analytics before starting practice. Google analytics certification helps you to get the basic idea about google analytics and which is also a free certification. With google it will boost your digital marketing. Refer to this blog to know about analytics metrics, google analytics certification and measurement. 

FAQs - Google Analytics

1. What is Google analytics?

Google analytics is a web analytics service by google. It helps in understanding your business website better like number of visitors, time spent by visitor, landing page, exit page etc.

2. Who can benefit from GA?

Anyone with a google account can use google analytics. But it will be beneficial to SEO marketing, businesses with a website and Digital marketing experts.

3. What are the charges for GA?

Google analytics are available in both free and paid versions. All the basic and necessary services are free of cost and for advanced features should subscribe with a recurring fee.

What is Google measurement ?

Google measurement allow to send HTTP requests to send user interaction directly to analytics servers. 


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