Is Threads a threat to Twitter?

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We are here with the latest instagram news! Tech giant Meta launched threads on 05.07.2023 wednesday. It is a social networking platform like twitter. Threads app is attached  to Instagram  and people should have an Instagram account to sign up Threads. And it uses the same username of Instagram.  Mark Zuckerberg created Instagram Threads as a rival to Elon Musk’s  Twitter. This text based conversation app’s development started in January 2023. and the official information on Threads  app released in March. Here it is officially launched in July in 100 countries. This tech news has taken technology business upside down in a day.


Know about instagram threads, tech giant, and threads app here. Know How it is affecting twitter
Instagram News

Twitter’s Trouble

Elon Musk bought twitter and became the CEO and owner on October 27 2022. He bought twitter from its creators for 44 billion dollars. Musk promised to make twitter’’ better than ever’’. what he called ‘’ Free speech’’ with transparency, better business, fewer bot.

When Elon Musk agreed to buy Twitter, he promised to make the company “better. But after 6 months of acquisition by musk the company became a little uncertain. They even laid off 80% of their employees to cut off expenses and to save from bankruptcy. Twitter was the hub for real time news for common people. It was the platform where common people can engage and converse with celebrities. Recently Musk removed the iconic blue tick for verified account holders . and one needs to pay $8 to get back the blue check. He stated this activity as ”treating everyone equally’’ without difference.

Now It is Twitter Versus Threads

Understand about instagram news and know about tech giant, threads app. How it is affecting twitter
instagram news

Tech giant Meta launched the Threads app as a rival to twitter during its partly weak moment. Twitter is struggling to make good revenue despite its technical and ethical difficulties. Twitter gets its 90% of revenue from ads. Threads so far have not introduced any ads. Recently twitter restricted the number of  tweets to  unsubscribed  twitter accounts.


Since both are microblogging conversation apps, It feels similar yet has differences.

  • Threads app can have a character count of 500 limit without any subscription. Twitter’s character count is 280 characters for unpaid users . and up to 25, 000 for those with subscriptions with a blue check for $8 a month.
  • Threads requires users with an Instagram account. Twitter is still an autonomous platform which does not need accounts in any other app to open.
  • Threads it is possible to post videos of 5minutes for both verified and unverified users. Twitter’s unverified users can post a video of only 2 minutes 20 sec.
  • As of now threads cannot use hashtags where twitter is a king in hashtags.
  • In threads only a single feed of content is available. In Twitter you can curate your content from ‘’FOR YOU’’ feed or ‘’ FOLLOWING’’ feed.
  • Twitter has an in app Messaging option whereas threads doesn’t have one yet.
  • In twitter and threads you can like, share and comment the posts

Conclusion - Instagram Threads

Some sources say that 30 millions of people have joined threads within an hour of its launch. Similar to Facebook and Instagram It has also shaken the tech world. It is still building and updating. So changes are inevitable and can occur day by day. Data privacy concerns restricted the launch of Threads in the European Union. It is available in both Apple and play store for download. Meanwhile it is worth watching the next move from Twitter’s side.

In conclusion, the launch of Threads by tech giant Meta on July 5, 2023, has created a significant impact in the businesses and social media. This social networking platform, connected to Instagram, aims to rival Elon Musk’s Twitter which has been in market for a long time and was developed by Mark Zuckerberg. With its text-based conversations, Threads offers a character limit of 500 without any subscription, while Twitter has a limit of 280 characters for unpaid users. Threads also allows longer videos and does not use hashtags, unlike Twitter. The app requires an Instagram account and has gained immense popularity, with millions of users joining within hours of its launch. As Threads continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how Twitter, under Elon Musk’s ownership, will respond to this competition.

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